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Hi, I'm Greg Cochran. Thanks for taking the time to visit my site!  I'm really happy that my first novel, Saving Grace has been so well received. I put a lot of effort into the story, and the feedback I have received has been fantastic! 

In our lives, we encounter good and evil everyday. Often, evil masquerades as good, and offers instant reward. Recognizing evil, and making the correct choice is really what Saving Grace is about. In the liberal and permissive times we live in, I have found that faith, honor, and values matter most.

While you're visiting my site, please take the time to learn a little about Saving Grace, where it is set, and myself. Also, whether you are an old friend or a new friend, please take a moment to say hello. Be sure to check in now and then, I will be making additions often.

I hope that you enjoy reading Saving Grace as much as I enjoyed writing it! Grab a glass of your favorite beverage, pull up a chair, and enjoy your visit!

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"Saving Grace, in its clean and fast-paced manner, was a nice introduction to the time-travel genre. As a result, it earns four out of five Sable Seals."
Laura Major, Sable Literature

I really enjoyed reading Cochran’s take on things, and the importance of staying true to yourself."
Linda Le Park, Elk Grove Citizen

"Going back to a quieter and slower paced time while still being present in a current mentality - and being with people and in places that we only wish we could have known, these are just a few of the fascinating possibilities that will keep you inspired by Greg Cochran's Saving Grace long after you've finished the last page."
Jean Bartlett, Pacifica Tribune

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